Nestle’s Aero Orange Flavour

I’m a big Aero’s fan, so when I saw this new flavoured Aero’s chocolate, I said to myself that I need to buy and try this!

Aero’s milk chocolate thumbs up (^_^)b. Aero’s mint chocolate a massive thumbs up (^_^)b. But Aero’s orange chocolate is a big thumbs down! (-__-)p

I don’t hate orange flavoured chocolate, but the sweetness of the chocolate in this chocolate bar takes away the orange flavour. If the chocolate was more chocolatey, I think the orange flavour would have stood out more, which would have given this a pleasant thumbs up.

For those who haven’t tried it, try it out yourself and see what you think!

Fabergé Egg Hunt – The Evening Hunt

Thanks to a friend who posted her pictures online I got really geeky and went out during one evening and started egg hunting (whilst shopping for stickers and stationary) ^_^ .One can’t resist capturing this moment in time in London. There’s 209 of them, and I think the serious egg hunters will try to find them all!!! I’m too lazy to find them all, and so I’m only finding the easy ones instead – which are those that can be seen in the obvious places… I’m just a lazy egg hunter! o(-__-)o

Some of these eggs are not in all the obvious places. I found a few at night in the dark in St James’s Park (there’s hardly any lamps in that park – it’s so ultra scary!!) and I got back home with muddy trainers! 

Here’s the one’s that I found that evening:

Cadbury’s Bubbly White Chocolate

In search for more milk chocolate bubbly I found this white chocolate version alongside the milk chocolate one! I’m not a big fan of white chocolate – it’s just milk and butter! But after having this Cadbury’s Bubbly white chocolate version, I felt it tasted the same as the milk chocolate one. I was surprised how they were able to create this because the white chocolate doesn’t mix in with the milk chocolate coating.

No doubt, this is a very delicious chocolate!! (^_^)b

Life with The OU

Sitting behind this laptop is a person who actually likes to study (uh-hm, geek). To tell you the truth I don’t mind being a geek. It shows I have interests in areas where people would find it abnormal, heheheh, snort, snort (geek!).

At the moment I’m studying a management course, it involves a lot of reading, and each week there are a lot of activities to do. Each module (just the two) has three reports (so six in total), 19 weeks of activities (38 weeks of management concepts), plus a weekend course and an exam!!

My brain is swirling with financial information, but at least I’m learning a whole new different topic. My brain is going to expand with too much info, but I tell myself it’s all for the best and for the future!!

(Canto: ga1 yau2; Mando: jia1 you2)

Slow vs fast bus drivers

I was taking a picture of the buses but 
suddenly a person in this pink panther 
suit started crossing the street! ^_^

A topic between two men on the bus recently caught my attention which was about why there are slow bus drivers and why there are fast bus drivers. That really amused me for a few minutes, because I wonder at the same thing everyday! Sometimes I get to work really early and sometimes not.
With this kind of thing happening at certain times of the year (or maybe every day) is it because of school holidays or is it the time of the season, or could it even be because the bus driver is either early or late with their schedule and have a fear of those monitoring them will get a shouting at… Who knows!
I like fast bus drivers although there are times when I want them to go slow so I can read whatever I’m reading on the bus. But I hate slow bus drivers, especially when there happens to be no traffic at all and I’m trying to get somewhere on time!! And I especially hate it when the bus drivers are late and you’ve been waiting (probably for more than 15 minutes) for a bus, more than one come at the same time. Irritating for a lot of people :p
Getting on the bus is probably one of the cheapest methods of public transportation (but not that cheap in London because of the annual rise in fares – not really fair on the London tax payee)!
But the best thing about being on a slow bus is that you can see a lot of things in London whereas on a fast bus, you will only get the smallest glimpses of everything…

This is what I got to see whilst being on a semi-slow bus…

Protesters in London!

The Woman in Black

Pic of the poster taken outside of the cinema

I have wanted to watch the stage version of The Woman in Black for a while, but when I saw the trailer for the film, starring Daniel Radcliffe in December 2011 (and was waiting for Sherlock Holmes II to start), I became ecstatic and decided I must watch this film no matter what I was doing in February! 

What a moment that was!! ^_^

No doubt I am a faaaaan of Daniel Radcliffe from watching all of the Harry Potter movies. In this film, he has undoubtedly grown up for this role, but probably not mature enough to be in a father role. The film version (as always) is different from the book (which I have not read yet – but there’s a synopsis on Wiki), and also different from the stage version. Every few moments in the film there was a scary moment. My heart was pounding, nerves rattling and you could feel everyone’s tension in the cinema (even though it was noisy from people reaching into their popcorn and sweet bags). At several points I had my scarf wrapped around my mouth to stop me from screaming out loud. Hahahah, that’s how good the film is! I even thought towards the end that this is better than The Ring (Japanese version) – which I thought was scary! But nope, The Woman in Black ultimately won the spooks war (for now).

I recommend this film for anyone who likes a scary film but it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. I won’t spoil any more now… so watch it, watch it, watch it!

My Geeky Rating: 4.9/5 ^_^ (It lost a 0.1 mark for Radcliffe’s matureness for the role – but he is definitely a great actor!)

A Quick Wasabi Lunch (^_^)v

Right, so it was lunch time on a weekday afternoon, both my colleague and I were craving for sushi the day before and we were both talking about the Japanese sushi chain  わさび Wasabi Sushi & Bento. Unfortunately, Wasabi stores can only be found in Central London, but there are 2 stores in the East and 1 store in the West of London. There are none further South or North, hence this trip from work was a trek and was well worth it! ^_^

Travelling from South London to Victoria Station via train took around 10 minutes, and the next train back to work was 10 minutes later. So we only had less than 10 minutes to decide what to eat and then get back on the train again! What a trek for sushi!

Wasabi’s takeaway bag  
Wasabi Logo

The Wasabi branch in Victoria Station is a fairly small store compared to some of the other ones, like the Embankment branch. As you can see I’m a Wasabi fan, and I will find any opportunity to go into any of their stores to buy food – my first experience was in a branch in Oxford Street (the one near Tottenham Court Road). Inside this store on the left hand side there is the refrigerated sushi and drinks, and on the right hand side there’s the till area and hot foods. It’s very busy at lunchtime! I was deciding whether to have sushi or to have chicken katsu curry (breaded fried chicken with rice and curry sauce). In the end I chose sushi. I chose the box set (easy option) with salmon onigiri, chicken katsu with sweet chilli sauce on top, small versions of futomaki with one side covered in avocado and the other with orange masoko. Also included in the box set were some edamame and runner beans, a slice of pickled ginger, a pack of soy sauce and a pack of wasabi. Chopsticks and tissue were included during purchase. This cost £7.95. Each box set has a different price. At Wasabi, I wanted to get a bottled flavoured green tea, which they sell in some of the Wasabi branches, but unfortunately Victoria Station branch didn’t have any 😦 no fair… So I got a Diet Coke instead.

My boxed set full of sushi and chicken katsu ^_^ 

My colleague had the harder option, he chose a selection of individual sushi which were wrapped in plastic, so if you do select your own prepare to unwrap a lot of sushi! (2 pieces of sushi cost £1.50). My colleague also chose a box of edamame beans and a triangular onigiri (can’t remember the filling but I think it was Tuna and Mustard). My colleague’s set ended up costing £5.80. 

My colleague’s set: Salmon onigiri, Tuna onigiri, Tuna & Mustard onigiri and Edamame beans 

So back on the train we go. Stomachs rumbling like thunder. We sat back in our office and our faces glowed with the sushi in front of us.

My geeky mind said “We are definitely going to do this trek again!”.

Here’s a close up of my box set…

My Simple Geeky Summary:


Prices for individual selection
2 pieces for £1.50

Box sets (depending on branch)
£4.95 – £10.95 (approx.)

Hot foods (check menu)
Vary (I wish they had the flavoured green tea in Victoria Station)

Cupcake Decoration and Chocolate Making Class – Part 2

Here is part 2 of my experience. This posting is about the Cupcake Decoration class at The Peacock Bar in Clapham Junction.

Well, it’s fair to say that decorating cupcakes using butter icing is not an easy job, especially if the icing is a bit too soft. I can’t even remember what ingredients were used to create the icing (I think it was butter and icing only)! In this part of the class we stood around a different table which they had already laid out everything (the cupcakes, icing and cake making equipment). First off was to create an icing bag using a plastic icing bag and a metal tip. There were four different colours used (green, blue, pink and purple). 

The instructor showed us briefly how to create flowers and then we were off to try it on our own! Unfortunately some of the tips were too big to create the mini flowers that he showed us, so as you can see below, they aren’t that great! 😦

In the end I started copying other people’s designs. I think the people in the class were already experts in cupcake decoration and I didn’t have a clue in what I was doing. All of us were to decorate eight cupcakes, but I ended up creating nine! Nevermind…

As we were decorating away, the instructor showed us how to a different type of icing to make designs… But none of us got to try in making our own designs unfortunately…
In the end, we were given a box each to add only six of our designed cupcakes and eat the other two (I thought the staff would bring our cupcakes over for us to eat, but I can’t remember if they did so or not) – I didn’t get to eat mine! Unfortunately, the holes were too big, and so the cupcakes kept sliding in and out the hole… and the icing kept coming coming off! How disappointing. Please note: If you plan to go to this class, make sure you bring a bag, because they didn’t give us any!
At the end of the two classes, majority of the classmates were disappointed and felt they could have easily found videos to show how to do all of this. In my opinion, it was an okay experience. 

My Geeky Verdict:
I think if you are looking for something to do on the weekend, and you happen to stumble across a Groupon voucher for free, then it is definitely worth going to. 
By the way, I forgot to mention they have a “professional” photographer who will come and go to take snaps of you! So if you’re camera shy don’t go (or I think you can ask not to be photographed)!!

Cupcake Decoration Class rating: 2.5/5
My Geeky Summary:

Cupcake Decoration and Chocolate Making class with Champagne
Originally price = £79 (make sure you get a Groupon Voucher, cost is cheaper)

Length of class: 
1 and a 1/2 hours (approx.)


148 Falcon Road Clapham, London SW11 2LW

Nearest Railway Station: Clapham Junction

1. Bring your own apron and a bag for the cupcakes
2. Not a professional decorating class (so don’t expect too much)
3. Various classes take place at the same time

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Finally there’s snow again!

I think it’s just been over a year since snow has hit Britain. The last time it snowed in Britain was in 2010 and I wasn’t even in the country at the time. I had a lucky escape. And if memory serves me right, at that time students were protesting against tuition fees around Parliament.

Some people love snow and some people hate it. I actually LOVE snow but I don’t like walking in it. It’s too slippery, and when it starts melting there’s a lot of slush around.

Here’s some pictures I took earlier today…