Origami as an interest

For many years I have been interested in origami, which is a Japanese art form of paper-folding. The first time I was interested was when I was in primary school and my cousin (who came all the way from South East Asia) gave me a Hello Kitty stationary set. That became the start of my interest in Hello Kitty, and in that stationary set it included some really colourful Hello Kitty squared paper with some really difficult folding instructions…!

Many years later (during my uni years), origami became an interest, and I fold every now and again.

Recently a friend gave me an origami calendar from 2008. Yes 2008! It has many designs, so I will post some of these soon, but here’s just a few…

Paper Crown
Talking Fox
“Nathan’s Penguin” on top of an Inside Out Boat 

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