A Quick Wasabi Lunch (^_^)v

Right, so it was lunch time on a weekday afternoon, both my colleague and I were craving for sushi the day before and we were both talking about the Japanese sushi chain  わさび Wasabi Sushi & Bento. Unfortunately, Wasabi stores can only be found in Central London, but there are 2 stores in the East and 1 store in the West of London. There are none further South or North, hence this trip from work was a trek and was well worth it! ^_^

Travelling from South London to Victoria Station via train took around 10 minutes, and the next train back to work was 10 minutes later. So we only had less than 10 minutes to decide what to eat and then get back on the train again! What a trek for sushi!

Wasabi’s takeaway bag  
Wasabi Logo

The Wasabi branch in Victoria Station is a fairly small store compared to some of the other ones, like the Embankment branch. As you can see I’m a Wasabi fan, and I will find any opportunity to go into any of their stores to buy food – my first experience was in a branch in Oxford Street (the one near Tottenham Court Road). Inside this store on the left hand side there is the refrigerated sushi and drinks, and on the right hand side there’s the till area and hot foods. It’s very busy at lunchtime! I was deciding whether to have sushi or to have chicken katsu curry (breaded fried chicken with rice and curry sauce). In the end I chose sushi. I chose the box set (easy option) with salmon onigiri, chicken katsu with sweet chilli sauce on top, small versions of futomaki with one side covered in avocado and the other with orange masoko. Also included in the box set were some edamame and runner beans, a slice of pickled ginger, a pack of soy sauce and a pack of wasabi. Chopsticks and tissue were included during purchase. This cost £7.95. Each box set has a different price. At Wasabi, I wanted to get a bottled flavoured green tea, which they sell in some of the Wasabi branches, but unfortunately Victoria Station branch didn’t have any 😦 no fair… So I got a Diet Coke instead.

My boxed set full of sushi and chicken katsu ^_^ 

My colleague had the harder option, he chose a selection of individual sushi which were wrapped in plastic, so if you do select your own prepare to unwrap a lot of sushi! (2 pieces of sushi cost £1.50). My colleague also chose a box of edamame beans and a triangular onigiri (can’t remember the filling but I think it was Tuna and Mustard). My colleague’s set ended up costing £5.80. 

My colleague’s set: Salmon onigiri, Tuna onigiri, Tuna & Mustard onigiri and Edamame beans 

So back on the train we go. Stomachs rumbling like thunder. We sat back in our office and our faces glowed with the sushi in front of us.

My geeky mind said “We are definitely going to do this trek again!”.

Here’s a close up of my box set…

My Simple Geeky Summary:


Prices for individual selection
2 pieces for £1.50

Box sets (depending on branch)
£4.95 – £10.95 (approx.)

Hot foods (check menu)
Vary (I wish they had the flavoured green tea in Victoria Station)

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