The Woman in Black

Pic of the poster taken outside of the cinema

I have wanted to watch the stage version of The Woman in Black for a while, but when I saw the trailer for the film, starring Daniel Radcliffe in December 2011 (and was waiting for Sherlock Holmes II to start), I became ecstatic and decided I must watch this film no matter what I was doing in February! 

What a moment that was!! ^_^

No doubt I am a faaaaan of Daniel Radcliffe from watching all of the Harry Potter movies. In this film, he has undoubtedly grown up for this role, but probably not mature enough to be in a father role. The film version (as always) is different from the book (which I have not read yet – but there’s a synopsis on Wiki), and also different from the stage version. Every few moments in the film there was a scary moment. My heart was pounding, nerves rattling and you could feel everyone’s tension in the cinema (even though it was noisy from people reaching into their popcorn and sweet bags). At several points I had my scarf wrapped around my mouth to stop me from screaming out loud. Hahahah, that’s how good the film is! I even thought towards the end that this is better than The Ring (Japanese version) – which I thought was scary! But nope, The Woman in Black ultimately won the spooks war (for now).

I recommend this film for anyone who likes a scary film but it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. I won’t spoil any more now… so watch it, watch it, watch it!

My Geeky Rating: 4.9/5 ^_^ (It lost a 0.1 mark for Radcliffe’s matureness for the role – but he is definitely a great actor!)

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