Life with The OU

Sitting behind this laptop is a person who actually likes to study (uh-hm, geek). To tell you the truth I don’t mind being a geek. It shows I have interests in areas where people would find it abnormal, heheheh, snort, snort (geek!).

At the moment I’m studying a management course, it involves a lot of reading, and each week there are a lot of activities to do. Each module (just the two) has three reports (so six in total), 19 weeks of activities (38 weeks of management concepts), plus a weekend course and an exam!!

My brain is swirling with financial information, but at least I’m learning a whole new different topic. My brain is going to expand with too much info, but I tell myself it’s all for the best and for the future!!

(Canto: ga1 yau2; Mando: jia1 you2)

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