Fabergé Egg Hunt – The Evening Hunt

Thanks to a friend who posted her pictures online I got really geeky and went out during one evening and started egg hunting (whilst shopping for stickers and stationary) ^_^ .One can’t resist capturing this moment in time in London. There’s 209 of them, and I think the serious egg hunters will try to find them all!!! I’m too lazy to find them all, and so I’m only finding the easy ones instead – which are those that can be seen in the obvious places… I’m just a lazy egg hunter! o(-__-)o

Some of these eggs are not in all the obvious places. I found a few at night in the dark in St James’s Park (there’s hardly any lamps in that park – it’s so ultra scary!!) and I got back home with muddy trainers! 

Here’s the one’s that I found that evening:


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