Mini holiday series: Portugal – Faro, Day 2

So John our lovely neighbour took us to one of the neighbouring towns Albufeira. We didn’t really want to bother him so much but he is an excellent tour guide after only being in the area for a month!
John took us to the local marina in Albufeira first. It started to get hot and sunny, but people staying around there said it’s their winter season, so there weren’t many tourists around and most of the shops and cafes were only opened during the touristy season.

The Marina in Albufeira 

We did our grocery shopping in Pingo Doce, which is like ASDA. We then went to another supermarket Continente in the Albufeira shopping centre to get more stuff (i.e. alcohol).   

Albufeira Shopping Centre

When we got back we relaxed and met a Scottish couple next door to our right! Lovely couple. All of us started talking about politics, the area, languages and food! Food – My favourite topic! Must do some more sightseeing on day 3!

Miss Pinky and I went for an evening walk… neighbourhood – on the left hand side it looks scary. Neighbourhood on the right hand side looked peaceful. It felt like being in the Peckham and Dulwich border! Hah!

More adventures in the next post!

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