Mini holiday series: Portugal – Faro, day 3

It was either wait for the bus and go somewhere into town or walk to the beach on Day 3.
We walked to the beach!

The local bus stop stand – the usual bus stops
are in blue with a coach like image on it
It was a very loooong walk! We set off walking at 11am. Miss Pinky and I got lost a few times so that took some extra minutes into our journey (took some wrong turnings and went via the motorway)… After a few moans, we finally got on track we got to the beach by 12.30pm. An hour and a half walk! By the way, Pêra hardly has any pavements, so you should expect to walk on dusty sidewalks that are meant for cyclists.

We had to cross this farmland to get to the beach!
There are pathways, but expect cars to go through too!
Finally got to the beach with Amacao de Pera in the background!!! 
We also found a restaurant, (from memory I think it’s called Restaurante de Coral but I can’t find any info on it online)! So we stopped their to dine and to take take a break! Aaaah so tiring!

Our free starters ^^
Restaurante de Coral – So pretty. I think it’s been there for a while! 
My frango dinner – I think it cost either €8 or €12 
Afterwards we went into the tourist town Armação de Pêra to do some tourist shopping. That took another half an hour via the sandy beach… There is no hope in finding and waiting for public transport to get into town, so if you do decide to come to Faro make sure you rent a car – that’s if you can drive!

Through the streets of Armação de Pêra

Through another street of Armação de Pêra

Loads of gulls flew over us – just had to take a pic! 
Then after that we went back via the beach again because we didn’t know any other route to get back (even after asking one of the locals about buses)! Oof. Sand is so hard to walk in! Eventually my friend Miss Pinky is so clever and found a short cut back to the apartments… my feet hurt and I was officially sunburnt!
That’s what I call a holiday! ^^

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