Mini holiday series: Portugal – Faro, day 4

As Miss Pinky and I had nothing much to do during the week, the night before we asked our neighbour John if he could drive us to anywhere where there were shops and where we could spend money! He thankfully said yes, and had said that it wasn’t a problem. So we got up and he took us to the Algarve Shopping Centre.

Outside the Algarve Shopping Centre

There were a lot of shops but it wasn’t touristy enough for us – so we didn’t spend much there… In the end we ended up going into the supermarket and bought some foody stuff and presents. We also booked a tour with the local tourist / holiday store (more of that in the next post).

Inside the Algarve Shopping Centre

Not much to do on day 4, so I ended up studying for the rest of the afternoon.

We also ended up walking around town again looking at the shops to see if they were open… Not much around, but I did find a graveyard!!

The local graveyard in Pêra

Afterwards, since my friend and I were so bored, we both ended up making and eating separate dinners.

Pork chops (really tough!) in soy sauce and ketchup + noodles ^^ 

Chicken with seasoning

I also ended up taking sunset pictures 🙂

Sunset from the apartment’s balcony view 

Sunset from the apartment’s balcony view 

In the next post – we had a little more fun ^^

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