Mini holiday series: Portugal – Faro, day 5

As from the previous we decided to take a tour with Follow Me Tours. We booked a tour to a gypsy market today in Quateira for half a day for €10… It’s really far from where we were! If you do decide to take a tour and you are staying in a far location, make sure you get up early and know where the tour bus is picking you up!!

We got to our pick up area very, very early (about 15-20 minutes) at the nearby petrol/gas station – Galp. There were two on either side of the road, so we didn’t know which one to wait at… Cars drove by, people staring at us (probably thinking what are they doing), more cars, buses and minivans drove by, and then finally our tour bus arrived. Yay!

One side of the Galp Petrol / Gas Station

When we got to the gypsy market, it was like an ordinary market that sold souvenir stuff – but it’s run by gypsies! You are also allowed to bargain, which is what we did for some of the stuff we bought… ^_^

Gypsy Market at Quarteira 

The tour then took us to the bigger Marina! Loads of boats and rich people! We also found some cheap wines and stuff.

Faro Marina
Chocolate Mint Ice Cream – Just what I needed! 
On the tour we met a lovely Canadian couple tour who were staying in Portugal for 9 weeks! The guy was telling me it’s cheaper to stay in North Portugal and how a lot of celebrities actually stay down at this Marina – apparently Madonna and Tom Jones holiday there…

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