Mini series holiday: Portugal – Faro, Day 6

Our final full day in Faro, so we decided to go to the beach again. We found a lot of shortcuts this time. So from our villa, we went through Vila de Pedro, crossed the motor way, into the same farmland – this time we found a lot of pathways that we could cut through, onto the sandy beach and into the touristy town again – Armação de Pêra! That took an hour. Fast walking this time round. ^_^

Local shop

Local shop

When we were coming back, we decided to take the motor way route, but it seemed too long and endless, so again we cut through the fields. We got to the farmland’s bankside with a broken down bridge. Miss Pinky crossed it first… And Me, I just panicked! I didn’t want to cross it 😛 Eventually I did with the help of Miss Pinky.

Horrid Bridge!

Finally back on track. We got back to the motor way. There was another pathway across the road that we thought was a shortcut. Little did we know it was leading us to a shed. Two dogs were guarding the place. One was on a lead and the other came out and barked at us, so we moved back to the main road… Looks like no more shortcuts for us then!! Hehehehe.

As we were about to retire into the villa, we stopped off at the local snack-bar. This is run by a lovely couple who speak very good English! I had ice tea, my friend had a beer. As we were about to go, I asked what type of food they do… sandwiches, toasties, baguettes, fries and burgers… then he mentioned crab baguette!! I thought crab baguette. We don’t get that in London!! So we said we’ll come back after phoning the transfer company and getting our pick up time.

Lovely café / snack-bar!!

Lovely café / snack-bar!!

We went back out again and this is what we got….

Crab baguette ^^

I ate the whole thing!!

And Miss Pinky was addicted to this machine…

€0.50 to win a chocolate bar ^^

After that, we went back to the villa, we wanted to rest but John our neighbour started a barbie (that’s Australian for BBQ). Anyway, so we got our drinks, went next door and met another lovely Canadian couple from Ontario. We also met an Irish pair (not a couple)… Chat, chat, chat, eating and a lot of drinking (I had a lot of port that night!). It was eventually midnight… I was drunk as hell – I have never been like that before!

BBQ night with the neighbours

But all’s well that ends well ^_^

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