Mini series holiday: Portugal – Faro, day 7

Day 7 – our last day in Faro and we had nothing much to do… Sit around, eat the rest of our stuff, finish packing and sobered up from the night before, heheheh. We wanted to have a late check out, but the maids said we should ask reception (I’m sure I asked for a late check out!). Anyway, we ended up leaving the apartments a little bit early, left our luggage in reception, then went for a coffee at the snack-bar and then waited for the transfer to pick us up! 

Transfer was 20 minutes early. Yay, they found us! I forgot that the journey is about an hour-ish long from Pera to Faro Airport… It was an enjoyable ride, we kept seeing other vehicles just passing us when they saw a slow driver in front… Hahahahah.

Finally got to the airport, checked in (with someone’s overweight luggage – not mine, uh-hm!), had an expensive hamburger meal for €13.40! :-O Shocking!! Even McDonald’s is not thaaaaat expensive!!!!!!

After that we passed passport control and then the queuing started for boarding! So quick! As we were all queuing, some weirdo went down the escalator, then ran back up on the same escalator (when he could’ve got the stairs – OMG). PLONK. He fell over at the top of the escalator. LOL. More things started happening during boarding… There was a couple in front who held up the queue – the lady had two hand luggages (when you’re only supposed to have one – as with all flights). The reception staff tried to explain that it is the airlines policy that they must state how much hand luggage they have, and that you have to pay extra if you have more than one piece… Don’t these people read?!?! So in the end the couple had to pay and they got on the flight (without the police having to be there). I assume the couple will make a complaint! 

Finally got to London – then there was a VERY long queue at passport control – I didn’t realise that they’ve started using the new system where you can self checkout if you have the new UK passport. (UK is getting very stylish indeed).

Following 3 trains, we finally got to our stop. As we were about to exit the station, a guy flew down the escalator and just randomly took a picture of my stunned face, then walked down further, and took one of Miss Pinky… He got down to the end of the escalator and took another pic of a lady sitting in McD’s… Hahahahah. What kind of randomness is that!!

I finally got home after getting two buses! ^_^ Yipee. Home sweet home.

Didn’t take any pictures – sorry if I’ve bored you to death ^_^

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