Villas Barrocal – The Apartments Review

When I booked this apartment from via easyJet hotels booking system, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Although the transfer was cheap it was a very long trip to Villas Barrocal (an hour more or less from the airport). The apartment itself cost €15 per night for two people, when I had booked it in December (what a DEAL!). 

The villa is situated in Pêra, which is in between Albuferia and Armação de Pêra. Make sure you have instructions ready for the driver (if you are taking a transfer or a taxi), because a lot of people don’t know the area or the place.

The apartment itself is beautiful. I think they need to correct their signs, because we couldn’t find the apartment at first. 

Inside the apartments
Local shops around the area are: a newsagents, cafes, Italian cafe, a vets.

You need to walk down further onto the left to find more shops and cafes. It looks like a run down area, but you will find that one street has everything – the local bank, post office, salon, graveyard and other stuff. 

If you are looking for public transport there are bus stops around but as every local had said to us – you need to prepare to wait around for the bus to come. Do some research on timetables before you go!! 

Don’t ever ask a local (or even a tourist) how long it will take you to walk to Amacao de Pera from the villa – people say it’s 15 minutes (probably if you run). It’s actually about an hour via the beach. I timed it.

Good points:
Quiet,  big apartments, they have everything – microwave, kettle, fridge, cooker and oven, cutlery, local TV stations, free wi-fi – all you need is food, drinks and yourselves ^^

Bad points:
Far from all the touristy places – but you would expect that if you’re staying in Faro!

  • Rent a car or a bike – there is a local gas station Galp, which is just about a 20 minute walk (5 minutes by car).
  • Make sure you have enough Euro on you if you are not planning to bring a credit/debit card.
  • Some shops close for an hour or two for lunch – so watch out for that.
  • Be aware of pick-pockets! Always wear an across-body handbag.
  • Definitely bring sun tan lotion!!!!!!

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