Yo! Sushi – The 97p Deal

I think from a previous post you have noticed that I’m a fan of sushi, so an opportunity came up when Yo! Sushi, another UK-based franchise was offering every dish on their conveyor belt at 97 pence in their Soho branch (Poland Street) on Thursday 15th March. That’s right, 97p for one day only (they started out in 1997 – do you get the drift?)!! 

The deal was to celebrate their 15th birthday in their very first branch.

Was it worth it?

Yes it was. Look at that queue…

The massive queue!!

My friend (Mr Bear) and I got there before 5pm and waited for almost an hour in the queue, plus we were waiting for another friend (Mr Smiles). Thankfully there was entertainment to keep us going 😀

The Entertainment ^^
Kawaii balloon ^^

For £14.08 (14 plates and a green tea), I got to eat all of this…

Look at all those dishes!! (I didn’t eat that chocolate pudding, 
that’s Mr Bear’s!)
Service being hard at work… I don’t think they thought
the queue would be loooong… SERVICE!!
All my plates! ^^

We were inside for about an hour, and the queue became very looooong!!

Hope they do something like this next year!!

With a full stomach, I then went egg hunting… That’s in the next post ^^

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