Fabergé egg hunt – Another round of hunting

Last week was a busy week of entertainment! I did a bit of egg hunting too (and I only have 2 more zones to walk around!)…

One afternoon, I revisited Southbank (the Where’s Wally Egg was underneath the London Eye – but I couldn’t see it – didn’t look hard enough).

Southbank eggs – the one on the right I have taken before 

Before I went into Yo! Sushi, I spotted another one in Carnaby Street.

So far up!

With a full stomach from all that sushi, I was willing myself to do some more egg hunting in Selfridges – it’s so close but yet so far… Hahahah 😀 (Poland Street –> –> Selfridges!)

I think I’m missing one from Selfridges… (Look around the food court people and the techo section)
Here’s Selfridges Big Egg Hunt section…


The Big Egg Hunt!

Miniature eggs in Selfridges

On the next day after work and before I went into hibernation over the weekend to do some studying, I did some more egg hunting in EC1 (East Central London). I got lost for a bit (but mysteriously I found some eggs at the same time). I then somehow managed to get to Liverpool Street Station and got back on track (^_^)b
Most of the eggs around The City! The one with the horrid bicycle gear on top 
(bottom left hand corner) – I have taken a pic before
Being my geeky-self and Chinese I got the urge on Sunday morning to find one more egg in The City before I went into study mode for the afternoon. Didn’t eat breakfast and had built up lactic acid in my legs… Oh the agony, so I had to stop walking a few times… But here is the new egg that’s just been released…

The BlackRock Asian Egg – I just had to find it!
If you don’t know The City area very well (like me), make sure you bring a map or at least have Google Maps on your phone!! When I tried to find this egg one road entrance was closed, then the building on one side was closed… more lactic acid… (This one is in BlackRock, Throgmorton Avenue).

Carnary Wharf and Mayfair to go!!