Geeky Android Firmware Upgrade…

Being an absolute geek and staying up to upgrade my phone’s firmware with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich… 

Just hope I will be able to go to sleep in the next half an hour -__-zzzzzzzz

1:18 am update: it didn’t work… will try again later on today… zzzzzzzzz!

Update 22/03/2012: So it didn’t upgrade to the icecream version – just the latest Gingerbread 2.3.5 version, which is S*** and should have upgraded last year! 😦 Oh well. Need to root my phone again toooooo….!!

Update 23/04/2012: At last T-Mobile!!! I finally get my upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. ^^

Update 06/06/2012: If you decide to root your phone, follow this person’s guide. I found it relatively easy compared to the previous way of rooting!
If you need to download Samsung Kies to upgrade (in the UK) here’s the official link:

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