Fabergé egg hunt – The Final Saturday Hunt!

Aaaaaand I’m off for the final day of my egg hunting… Yay! Saturday 31st March was the last Saturday of the actual egg hunt before they are all displayed in Covent Garden from April 3rd up to the 9th.

I got a few tips on where some of the eggs in Sloane Square were, so that was my first stop…

Sloane Square eggs – Around the Saatchi Gallery 
Egg in Peter Jones

Next I walked all the way to Cadogan Place and found another egg…

The one at Cadogan Place

I started walking past the shops in Knightsbridge – it’s very tempting to want to buy something, but I was on a egg hunt. I wanted to find the Inception egg but silly me couldn’t find it! In the end I got a bus from Hyde Park to Green Park Station (1 stop!), I actually wanted to get off at somewhere near Burlington Arcade. Luckily the bus driver stopped because I found one hanging at The Ritz Hotel!

Got the one at The Ritz!

Next stop it was Mayfair, so I went into Old Bond Street, from there I found quite a few eggs but not all of them!

Couldn’t find all the eggs in Mayfair… 😦 but I love these ones! 
The Fragile egg went missing!! :-O 
Probably maintenance took it to get it cleaned…

I eventually got to Park Lane and I got on the Bus 148, but suddenly I saw an egg! And so again I got off the bus to get this one…

Egg in front of the London Hilton Hotel 

I thought it would be a short walk from Park Lane to St. James’s Park, and guess again, I thought wrong, so I trekked from Park Lane, past Hyde Park, into Hyde Park Corner, took a long walk via the Royal Park… I was almost at my destination, but got stopped by two lots of people wanting their pictures taken at Buckingham Palace! Arrrrgh, how could I refuse! Snap, snap, snap!

Then at last, I got to Clarence House, and took a pic of this one…

Humpty Dumpty at Clarence House

You know, after all that walking, I thought to myself, why isn’t there a shuttle bus from Buckingham Palace into Trafalgar Square, my little legs are tired after 3 hours of walking around!

My final destination was again Southbank, I knew that there were two eggs at the British Film Institute (BFI), so I took the Bus 139 and got off at the other side of Waterloo Bridge… I found them!

My final two at the BFI

So that’s 130 eggs including the missing Fragile egg! Gosh, I wonder what they’re going to do for next year… I think they should do something in the summer, where people have more time to hunt!

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