Kai’s Thai Food – The Cocoanut, Kingston

After all that egg hunting on Saturday Miss Pinky (who went on holiday with  me) and I went to Kingston to meet up with another friend (Mr Fly) to catch and re-celebrate my birthday… 🙂

Each time we end up in Kingston we always end up going to a pub called The Cocoanut and eating Kai’s Thai Food. The Cocoanut is situated on Mill Street, which is a side street along Fairfield S and opposite The Fairfield Recreation Ground. Originally Kai’s Thai Food was in another pub – but something happened there, and the seating area was much smaller… I think most of the customers that go there are the regulars or just live nearby.

The menu is reasonably priced, the food is made when it is ordered so you may expect a long wait. I suggest that you get there really early – probably before 7pm to get a good seat. However we got there a bit late (around 8.30pm) and didn’t get to eat our main course until after 9.30pm!

All of it is authentic Thai food, so if you order anything with 2 chillies it is mega HOT. I also suggest getting a glass of water with your food if you do decide to have that… 🙂

I can’t remember the dishes names, but enjoy the pics…

Starters for 3 people

No. 19 – My dish with duck

No. 19 – Mr Fly’s dish with chicken

Miss Pinky’s rice noodles with duck, this is a 2 chilli, but was
toned down with sugar – my friend can’t eat much spicy food 

Start eating!

A chicken, nuts and rice salad – a bit spicy and vinegary 

All three of us were so full in the end – we couldn’t move!

Total cost came up to around £55, that included some of our drinks. Each dish depends on the type of meat you ask for.

My geeky rating:
 4.5/5 (lost a 0.5 mark because of the wait, otherwise I would’ve given full marks!)

Good points:

If you LOVE Thai food, I recommend this place! 
I also recommend the Tom Yum soup.
You get a choice of meat with the main course – duck, chicken, pork, beef and even prawns…

Bad points:

The wait when you’re really hungry! 

Address: The Cocoanut, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2RF 

Tel: 0208 546 3978

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