It’s Easter!! ^^

Yay! It’s Easter. 4 days off (and it’s very sunny today)! But as I’m not Christian I am still quite grateful for this holiday. Easter is the time to “celebrate” the death of Jesus, however it’s changed over the centuries (and that’s a history lesson from the geek ¬_¬)…

At work, a person who loves my friend and I so much he gave us a MASSIVE Easter egg shaped as a Lindt Lindor sweet. It’s one of the largest “eggs” I’ve ever seen (not including the Fabergé eggs) ^^.

I love Lindt’s Lindor

Waaaaaah… So many Lindor chocolates inside!

Close up of these lovely Swiss made chocolates ^^ 
A dear friend of mine bought me a Hello Kitty Easter egg for my birthday! As you can see, I have not ate it yet 🙂 (more about Hello Kitty in another post).

I love Hello Kitty ^^
Hope you all have a Happy Easter!! Eat chocolate in moderation!! 
And Here’s some origami too to pass the day…

Easter Chick

Showing off this very complex tortoise

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