Vauxhall City Farm – London Vauxhall

I never would have thought there would be a farm in the city heart of London. Well, there are farms on the outskirts of London like around Heathrow, but I have never seen a city farm before! 

My manager told me about the Vauxhall City Farm, as she went there with her grandson during the Easter break. So I thought I should have a look as I adore all things cute and adorable – and yes, Miss Pinky and Master H came along!

Front Entrance of the Farm
I was amazed that Vauxhall had such a secret farm so hidden away (and I don’t live far away from it either – although it’s been there for thirty odd years!!!!). This was probably better than going to a zoo where you would have to walk miles just to look at all the animals… But in Vauxhall City Farm, although there isn’t much walking to do their animals are so cute and amazing!

Here’s a lot of pictures of the animals we saw that day and t
hankfully it didn’t rain.

First off are the chickens, roosters and rabbits.

Those roosters are really loud!

So many cute rabbits ^^

We then went into the Ecology Park to look at some insects, but couldn’t see any, and didn’t see the frogs at the pond either.

The Ecology Garden

We saw one of their lovely horses with 2 different eye colours.

Horse with 2 eye colours – very rare to see! 

Here’s a couple of beautiful ponies with their brilliant hair styles ^^

My Little Ponies ^^

The pigs are so cuuuuute!! 🙂 I wanted to pet the big one, but it looked like he/she was happy being left alone with its partner in the sty… There were also a lot of other farm animals – a massive turkey, cows, a sheep, a ram, a few lambs and a duck pond.

Kawaii Pigs ^^

So many farm animals

The Duck Pond

A few lambs (and a pidgeon) having a rest

I thought this was a lama, but I was corrected… It’s actually an alpaca. Is it winking at me?
Wink for the camera!!

This is the wash area and a couple of horses were coming back from their riding lessons in the park…

Wash your hands before you leave
The Park. Can you name that building on the left hand side?  

And last but not least, their range of flowers and trees are awesome. They have a big area of home grown vegetation!

This is a must-go-to city farm!!!!! And I hope no city fox will try to get in 🙂

Geeky information:

Admission: Free (Donations accepted)

Location: Vauxhall
Address: 165 Tyers Street, London SE11 5HS
Tel: 0207 582 4204
Nearby stations: Vauxhall National Rail and Vauxhall Tube

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