One Dollar Bill Origami

One morning I received an email from a friend who saw my interest in origami. The emailed contained pictures of one dollar bill origami! Waaaah. I have seen them before, and luckily there were some designs in my 2008 calendar. So, after work, I went to a bureau de exchange and exchanged £20 for US$31, (someone told me I was geeky for doing that – “who would exchange £20 for $1 bills to do origmai!….” ¬_¬ meeee). 

I then attempted these ones.

This one dollar bill bunny was relatively easy to make.


The snail was quite hard. In the end I had to use a Youtube video to finish it.


Ah, my attempted armadillo was hard to make!


Here’s a shirt, which is supposed to be part of a pantsuit.


And here’s an attempted elephant, (which is not in the calendar). I found the design for this online. ^^


With this next piece I attempted to create Won Park’s $Koi Fish, but I think I got the pleating folds all wrong, so I ended up with this pretty $heart. ^^

$Heart leaning against the $Armadillo to keep it upright 

I’ve found using dollar bills very easy to use for origami because they are thick and stern, and they don’t tear apart so easily! 
I won’t be throwing these pieces away in case I ever get to the US and will probably tip restaurants and the like using these $1 bills. ^^

I have US$25 left, so hopefully I can do 25 more designs!

Here’s a great website you can use: (H-Z)
I’m not very good with pictures and diagrams, so I advise watching videos on Youtube and other video-sharing sites.

Good luck!

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