Time to Vote!

It’s time to cast your votes for the London Mayor and London Assembly. Get voting now and choose the person you think will use the public’s tax money as best as they can and provide an affordable London to live in!


Lawrence Webb – Fresh Choice for London
Carlos Cortiglia – British National Party (no idea why they picked a Spanish guy)
Siobhan Benita
Brian Paddick – London Liberal Democrats
Boris Johnson – Conservative Party (not likely getting my vote)
Jenny Jones – Green Party
Ken Livingstone – Labour Party

It ends at 10pm… So hurry up!!

Update 05/05/2012 – Bloody heck, we have Boris again as the London Mayor… Why?!?! – I bet those who voted for him want to keep those Barclay bikes and have those bendy buses kept away from the London roads! Hah!

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