Nestle’s Rolo Chocolate Bar

Oh dear, are Nestle trying different things on all of their chocolates this year? 
They’ve suddenly come up with the idea of having “bars” of Rolo’s in the shops – I guess they’re trialling them out  for a bit before they officially roll them out.
I saw this in my local supermarket – it was for a pound and so I thought why not. Let’s see what Nestle’s has to offer…

The Rolo bar

As I ate each piece (I only had 6 pieces, and gave the rest away to my work friend), I found it too sweet like the Aero Orange. Yuck! 

My 6 pieces

Nestle’s seem to like their chocolate to be very sweet! I think I still prefer the original Rolo’s – soft chewy and easy to eat and share around. The chocolate bar version seemed to easily melt in my fingers and it just didn’t feel Rolo-y. Nestle’s tried to keep to the Rolo design by adding the round tips on each piece, which I found quite amusing.

The original Rolo’s round tip
The inside of the Rolo bar had the original caramel inside – good for me, but I couldn’t really taste it because of the sweetness of the chocolate…

Inside the bar with some caramel

If it wasn’t very sweet, I think I would’ve enjoyed it more. But I have to say I really do prefer the original Rolo’s.

Nestle – put less sugar in it!

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