Chibi Friends

On one Sunday afternoon i got bored (lazy to revise – I did eventually revise the following weekend!), so I started drawing myself and a few friends as chibi cartoons. Being brought up with an older brother who loves cartoons, anime and manga made me become addicted to this sort of stuff too. So it’s quite obvious why I like cute things.

I watched a few videos from Cartoonists Mark Crilley and Christopher Hart before I started… The drawings look a bit like them, and knowing that they don’t really read this blog I thought I might as well post them up 😀 (but if they do… oh well!). It’s all just for fun.

My Close Friends!

I then ended up drawing a comic that same evening (which is in Cantonese) of myself feeling hungry. Translation is below each pic ^_^

1。餓死人呀!So hungry. 2。啊。。。咩咁香呢?Ah, what’s that smell? 
3。哇哇哇!Waaaaah! 4。好嘢^_^! Yay ^_^!

On the following day, I was bored again, so i ended up drawing another manga style cartoon, this time using a Cantonese tongue twister. This was quite fun to draw… I had no idea what I was doing!


These cartoons may not be sticking to the manga rule religiously i.e. the format from one frame to another, but at least you can read it right?! ^_^ By the way, I used square paper, but I have now bought a plain sketchbook to do more drawings!

More chibiness to come!!

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