A Weekend Trip to Edinburgh – Day 3

Our final day in Edinburgh. There was a bit of noise in the evening, but what could we do. At least we got some sleep!
We left before 12.00 pm (check out time) and started walking – taking a small detour towards Princes Street. We could hear a rock band rehearsing in Princes Street Gardens, and so we decided to have a look…

Sunny Princes Street – too bad about the roadworks… 

A rock band playing in the Princes Street Gardens 
Further along there were more bands rehearsing for a Heart and Soul event run by the Church of Scotland. Not much was going, so we walked a bit and did some window shopping.

Another band rehearsing
We finally got hungry, and we still had a couple of hours to kill before we got our train. We ended up in Jimmy Chung’s Chinese buffet which is right next to Waverley Station (Edinburgh Station)… To tell you the absolute truth. I REALLY hate buffets! A single set menu is ok for me, and that’s it! I think it cost £8.95 per person.

Average Chinese buffet food at Jimmy Chung’s
This was probably an ok-ish buffet. Not as good as the ones in London though…
We still had plenty of time to spare, we ended up sitting in a park on the other side of Princes Street. It was nice and sunny… There was a Scottish family sitting in front of us having a nice picnic, so I took a random pic. ^_^ What a nice time to spend on a Sunday afternoon…

A park view on the other side of Princes Street
A family enjoying their day out ^_^ – just a random picture 
Finally we got the 3.00 pm train. Superbreak.com has a few rules and regulations about train times! It was a 4 hour and 45 minutes journey. My bottom was sore and I was extremely tired!

Waverley Station! (Edinburgh Station)
Here’s King’s Cross Station when we got off…

Finally home – it was a long journey!
Geeky Recommendations:

  • Go to Edinburgh for a weekend trip
  • Make sure you have plenty of spending money – prices are similar to London prices
  • Book train trip in advance – reserving seats are better – but using Superbreak.com was ok
  • Bring a raincoat and umbrella plus extra socks!
  • Try Haggis, Scottish ale and Whiskey
  • Go to Edinburgh Zoo ^_^

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