A Weekend Trip to Edinburgh – Edinburgh Zoo

This is a separate post from the previous posts as there’s a lot of pics to show in this one!

As a Chinese geek I must see the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo! That’s my main reason for going up to Edinburgh. (^_^)v A few of my friends just thought I was crazy and obsessed! Noooo… not really… I blame the BBC for making a good programme about the panda’s journey from China to Edinburgh…

Anyway, as we got off the bus, I started growing with ecstatic excitement! I started skipping along the road because I was so happy… (I think people thought what is this crazy woman doing!).

Outside The Zoo

Miss Pinky and I got there a bit early, so we had an hour to walk around before we went to see the pandas. The first animal we saw was this MASSIVE sealion sleeping on a rock with its tongue sticking out…

Massive Sealion!!

Next it was the flamingos, monkeys, bears, penguins, sleepy hippos, meerkats, otters… and so many other animals!!!!!

Forgot what these red birds are called! But they are with the flamingos! 
Monkeys, Sleepy Hippos, Sunny Bears and Penguins 
Meerkats, Otters and a Hog

Finally, it was time to see the pandas 大熊猫 (trad. 大熊貓). I think they were running a bit late, because people from the 1.30 pm showing were waiting too!

On my way to see the Pandas!

Awwwwwww…. Tian Tian 甜甜 a.k.a Sweety was fast asleep on her back…

Tian Tian 甜甜 fast asleep
Tian Tian 甜甜 still asleep

Yang Guang 阳光 (trad. 陽光) a.k.a Sunshine was munching away at his bamboo…

Yang Guang 阳光 munching away at his bamboo

Closer view of Yang Guang 阳光

Awwww, Yang Guang 阳光 is so cute

We only had 10 minutes to see them – I wish we had a bit longer. But we got to see their habitat too… Well Tian Tian’s 甜甜 playground…

Tian Tian’s playground

They even had a wooden panda sitting outside!

Wooden Panda

After the panda showing, we went to see more animals… Couldn’t find the koala section (I think we passed it, but couldn’t see it). We couldn’t find the Asiatic Lions too… But we saw some of the cats (some in hiding) and the rhinos.

These two rhinos are gigantic!

This fast moving leopard was hard to get a picture of… It just would not stand still! 

Deer or antelopes… Couldn’t find the description 

By the way, the hilltop is very high up – make sure you’re ready for some exercise. I applaud the parents who brought their children up and for those who pushed up the prams!!

A view of Edinburgh from the hilltop – beautiful!

Finally Miss Pinky and I went back downhill and into the shop! ^_^ Some of the stuff were a tad expensive… But it’s all for the zoo. Plus all that bamboo must be expensive to produce for the pandas…

The Edinburgh Zoo shop! I want that wooden panda puzzle – but where am I going to put it?
My small sovenirs ^_^

I hope to go back again, but hopefully with a baby panda being born… Next year??

Geeky Information:

Location:Edinburgh, UK
Address: Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh, EH12 6TS

Public Transport: Buses 12, 26, 31, 48 
Website: www.edinburghzoo.org.uk
Purchase tickets online first especially for viewings of Tian Tian and Yang Guang

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