Jubilee Celebrations

Ok, so I’ve been a bit lazy with taking pictures of the Jubilee Celebrations that are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s reign of 60 years. Buuut… I went out to the West End for some confectionery in Japan Centre one evening – but realised they were selling it online (that will be in another post – as soon as I get them!). ^_^ The Union Jack is flying about on nearly every major street… Oxford Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square, and so like a London tourist I took a few pics to show how London has been celebrating for the past few weeks (which feels like months)!!

China Town also decided to join in the celebrations so you will see a lot of flags of China and the Union Jack hanging together around the streets of China Town!

I also found some of these cakes in the local supermarket. Morrison’s seems to like celebrating everything all year round. I see a lot of cupcakes being decorated for every UK occasion! ^_^

Scrumptious Cupakes! They taste really nice!

Nice icing!

So British!! ^_^
There’s going to be a lot of celebrations and street parties in the next few days… Happy Jubilee to Queen Elizabeth II!! ^_^

Update 03-03-2012

Since I knew there will hardly be any public transport and a lot of people will be at the River Thames I took this pic from my home TV…

The weather is a bit dull! And I can hear the helicopters zooming in and out near the river…!!

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