A Few Scenic Pictures Around London

Ok, as I keep saying I’m not a tourist, but an ordinary geeky Londoner who likes to take pictures of London and allsorts. Geeky, geeky, geeky!
I can understand why tourists like to take pictures of London, there are some scenes where you would just be blown away by what you see in front of you. So over the past few months from egg hunting to going to plays I have been taking a few pictures of London to show you what most Londoners see all the time and probably find quite fascinating! Well fascinating to me anyway ^_^

Big Ben at night – not a good pic with my Lumix TZ8 camera 
Tower of London using my Lumix TZ8 camera
Blocks of colourful flats off Tottenham Court Road – I think I used my Lumix TZ8 again 
Blackfriars Bridge being rebuilt for the Network Rail interlink,
very industrial-scenic-like from my point of view – I used my Olympus E-PL1 here  
A view of the Thames from The Globe Theatre

Hope to take more scenic pictures of London soon (when it’s not raining!)… ^_^

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