The Frustrations of Shopping in ASDA

There’s only one supermarket in the UK that I hate shopping in, and that’s ASDA! It is the one UK supermarket that I dread to go in AT ALL TIMES! 

ASDA sign on the Old Kent Road

On Sunday I had to go in there (the one on the Old Kent Road) to look for some cheap groceries with Miss Pinky (not her local supermarket – we were just in the area), but so is everyone else who lives around the area. 

ASDA really tries hard to bring a lot of their food prices and other goods down (how do they keep up with profit and demand?), but I think they forgot about the checkout problem. It is highly frustrating when there are hundreds of trolleys who are already queuing and people just trying to walk past (at the front end) to get to a shorter queue, but there are always others that don’t have the common sense to get out of the way or decency to look the other way, or stop talking to other customers to know where they are going!

Queue upon queue upon queue!

I hate the trolleys, the frustrated customers and the dreadful queues. Have they ever thought of drawing a line where customers (and trolleys) need to stand up to before getting to the counter like they do on the underground? 

I remembered I shopped in ASDA before Christmas a couple of years ago, and I’m sure I was in the queue for more than half an hour! OMG! That was so horrible. So whenever friends say they want to shop in ASDA I always let them know how I hate it in there!

Thankfully my local supermarket is not ASDA.

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