Hung’s Chinese Restaurant 美食軒 – London China Town

On one early Monday morning I had to run an errand with my mother in London China Town. Since it was so early, and I had to get back to work later, I had no lunch on me and I had no breakfast! 😦 A grown up like me who doesn’t often eat breakfast is a bad person… (but at least I had a coffee ^_^). So with an empty stomach we ended up going to one of the only Chinese restaurants that opens before 12pm – Hung’s Chinese Restaurant 美食軒 (mei sik hin) which means ‘fine food restaurant’. 

Outside Hung’s Chinese Restaurant 美食軒

Inside Hung’s 美食軒
One of the cooks who serves the congee, soup noodles
and chops all those meats that hang at the window
My mother introduced me to this restaurant only a few years back, so I never really noticed it before. If you go to this restaurant in the morning you will have many options to choose from, but most of the people (mainly Chinese) will order congee 粥 (juk) or noodle soups 湯麵 (tong min). (By the way, congee is easy to make – it’s rice made with an extra few cups of water and simmered for 30 minutes or longer plus some added meat and optional toppings like squid, peanuts and spring onions… It’s just porridge made with rice instead of oats! And there’s loads of recipes online).

Both my mother and I ordered the braised beef noodle soup 牛腩湯麵 (ngau naam tong min). I seem to order this every time I go there! I forgot to look at the price, but I think it’s between £4 and £6 per bowl. 

Braised beef and noodle soup – how it’s served
Usually I get a few pieces of beef and a Chinese leaf (likely Chinese broccoli 芥蘭菜), but this time I got loads of braised beef and no Chinese leaf with the noodle soup! I forgot about it until my mother mentioned it later… I didn’t mind at all! By the way, for those who are dieting or trying not to gain too much weight, be aware of some fatty pieces!

Another picture of my food – just showing you what the noodles look like ^_^ 
They have loads of seating upstairs, so if the ground floor gets too crowded they’ll tell you to go upstairs (1st floor and I think 2nd floor too or was it 3rd… Ah! I can’t remember!). I’ve read a few comments on the Internet about this restaurant, and there are mixed views about this place. However the best thing is to do try it out yourself before making a decision…

My geeky rating: 5/5 (see points below), not biased at all!

Good points:
  • Friendly service (English, Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Food is ALWAYS hot (I had to take my glasses off, because there was so much steam coming from the soup!)
  • Opens early (like they do in South East Asia! – well not that early) – 10am is opening time
Bad points:
Can’t think of any!

Geeky Information:
Address: 27 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6PR
Tel: 0207 287 6578

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Update 07/08/2012
Woah… I went out today and ate at Hung’s again… I had this wonderful Prawn Dumpling Noodle Soup! (^_^)b YUMMY!! Sorry for the bad picture…! The dumplings were massive ^_^ and the soup was hot… an extra 5/5!!!

2 thoughts on “Hung’s Chinese Restaurant 美食軒 – London China Town

  1. 10am is an early time to open! I've been to Ping Pong in Quayside, Tower Bridge House, St Katharine Docks, London, E1W 1BA and that opens at 11am Monday – Friday.Big fan of dumplings at the moment, and I got to say that soup looks awfully good.But you shouldn't skip breakfast!


  2. ^_^ Not a fan of Ping Pong, but yeah this place opens early which is good for Chinese tourists as they are used to early Chinese breakfasts.Definitely try this place out, and the prawn dumplings are mega awesome!! I try not to skip breakfast, but it's the only way to have a big lunch. 😉


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