Yeo’s Soya Drinks

A few weeks ago when I went to China Town, I came across these drinks in New Loong Fung Supermarket 新龍鳳行 (san lung fung hong). They are soya bean drinks from Yeo’s, which I have never tasted before… And by the way I spell soya with an “a”, the word just doesn’t look right without an “a”… ^_^

Green bean and Black bean soy drinks

Have you ever tasted a black bean flavoured soya drink before?… Yes I have, but it was Korean, very tasty and alcoholic! The green bean soya didn’t taste that special (as I’m not a green bean fan anyway). 

I definitely recommend the black bean soya drink… I can’t remember the cost. But give it a go!

Update 23/06/2012 – they cost 39p per carton! There’s also a red bean one, but the supermarket ran out 😦

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