Appalled at the bus strikes

Today 17 or 18 London bus companies decided to go on strike today, just because the drivers want an extra £500 bonus for the extra services they’ll be running during the Olympics. Fair enough. But if it disrupts other people and the people who pay for their bus fares (like me – who thinks London fares compared to international countries is freaking expensive) and also trying to earn a living, then it is extremely not fair. Fine, there is the tube and the trains, but that means paying extra.

To me buses are the cheapest mode of transport to get around London – as long as you plan enough time to get to your destination and have a bus pass. Singles fares are expensive! I hate the tube because it’s smelly and stuffy, and trains are just so-so. Buses are my mode of transport!

When I got this email last night from TfL (Transport for London), I thought well you guys and girls are definitely going on strike whether you have a court injunction or not! That’s not going to stop them completely…

My email of disappointment

Oh and so where’s my compensation for walking to work today – I’ve paid a big lump sum for these people’s salaries! Or at least they should give the public compensation for today’s disruptions i.e. free travel for the weekend! (Although I have a bus pass)… 

I wonder if the tube strikes are going to go ahead next week and in July too??? 

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