West Coast Grill and Bar – London Surrey Quays

Miss Pinky just moved into the Rotherhithe area in South East London and if you have followed me on Twitter we went to see Rock of Ages the film at the Surrey Quays Odeon. But before that both of us were very hungry!!! We had three choices of restaurants – Pizza Hut, Frank and Benny’s or West Coast Grill and Bar. At first we decided Frank and Benny’s because Miss Pinky thought West Coast was closed down… She thought wrong! It was open and  we decided to go in their instead. 

West Coast Grill and Bar – Surrey Quays Branch

It was quiet for a Saturday afternoon (well it was about 4pm) but we seated ourselves near one of the windows. Since it’s an American style restaurant I was craving for steak! And I wanted starters too ^_^…

Inside and outside the Grill and Bar
The menu

First I ordered the garlic bread and mushrooms… They were so tasty and buttery. I can still taste them in my mouth (mouth watering!).

Extremely tasty mushrooms and garlic bread ^_^ 

Miss Pinky ordered the bourbon chicken wings, but after she tasted mine she wanted swap… uh no way! 

Yummy chicken wings… they tasted good!

We both ordered a steak. I ordered the 10oz rib eye which already comes with chips, onions rings, fried onions and tomatoes and some salad.

My 10oz steak… So big!

Miss Pinky ordered the 7oz bavette (she has a smaller appetite) and came with all the sides as me. She ordered the steak rare, but it came out medium!

A still sizzling 7oz steak

Both of us were astonished at the size of our meal. It was MASSIVE! I’m afraid we were both defeated and didn’t finish all of it 😦 … If I was given another half an hour, I think I could’ve but we had to catch a film!

What a waste… But I did almost finish my chips (my plate is the one on the left) 

I wish I could’ve had a dessert, but I was too full and the film was about to start! All together it cost around £53 for 2 people plus 4 drinks… So it was all worth it!!

My geeking rating:
 5/5 (friendly service and big portioned sized meals… plus it was quiet at the time we went)

Good points: 

  • Friendly service
  • Food served was very hot and tasty!
  • Big portions
  • Next to the cinema ^_^
Bad points:
None that I can think of!

Geeky information:

Address: Mast Leisure Park, Surrey, Southwark SE16 1LL
Telephone: 0207 231 4888

Website: www.westcoastgrillandbar.com

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