Nuts about Koh-Kae

Back to food again! Ever since I was a kid I liked eating peanuts. My mum used to buy these strange peanut snacks made by Koh-Kae which you couldn’t find in an ordinary supermarket. The peanuts were coated in biscuit, and there were different flavours – original, coffee and something else that I can’t remember! Well, as I got older, I only ate them once in a while… On a couple of recent trips to New Loon Fung Supermarket (新龍鳳行) in China Town, I came across these new flavours from the same company Koh-Kae…

Wasabi, Tom Yum and Barbeque flavour. Wow!

Ate half of the Tom Yum flavour already!

I haven’t tasted the barbeque yet, but the best of two I have tasted so far is the Wasabi flavour… I seem to like anything made with wasabi!!

They cost about £1.30 for each tin. They are some awesome savoury snacks. I think pubs in the UK should consider serving these! ^_^

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