Spicy Curry Fish Balls 咖喱辣魚蛋

Ah, I’ve been craving for Hong Kong street food for a few weeks. Especially spicy curry fish balls!! In this type of situation, you either fly back to Hong Kong and eat as much as you like or… as in my situation – you make your own… O_o Ok, so I’ve never made this before. I looked on YouTube for some simple recipes – and most of them are the same!

This week I bought these ingredients for a simple geeky meal…

Chilli fried fish balls for £2.60 at my local Asian store:

Expensive fish balls!! 

Morrison’s 23p curry sauce:

Cheap curry sauce

Single packet of udon noodles for 59p:

Udon noodles for 1 person 

And I had some chilli oil which I added in – free.

This is everything cooked all together. The udon noodles was cooked in some water first…

Udon and fishballs ^^

And this is the final dish… Although it doesn’t look like the original stuff from Hong Kong, I still enjoyed it! (Although I think the curry sauce was a bit sour).

Sorry for the messy bowl! 

My geeky rating (for my own food!!): 4/5 (it was the curry sauce that was disappointing…)

So here’s a short recipe for under £4!!!!

Chilli fried fish balls
Curry sauce (or curry paste if you prefer)
Fresh Udon noodles (optional)
Chilli oil
Cooking oil

How to cook (for one person):
1. Heat a frying pan and a teaspoon of cooking oil (olive or vegetable)… (You can boil them for a few minutes and drain if you prefer to be healthy!).
2. Lightly fry the fishballs for 2-3 minutes.
3. Add curry sauce – about half a jar if you are not adding noodles (be aware that it might splatter onto your clothes!!) and simmer for 3 minutes.
4. This part is optional: Whilst that is simmering, using a pot pan, boil some water (a cup) and heat the udon noodles. Heat for 2 minutes.
5. Drain noodles and add to the curry mixture.
6. Add chilli oil and mix well together.
7. Serve in a bowl.

Here’s also a picture of HK street food from two years ago…

HK street food in Mong Kok 

I miss you Hong Kong street food!!!! ^_^

Update 29/07/2012

Wanted to share this cartoon of McDull and fishballs… Heheheheh… It’s in Cantonese. McDull wants to eat fishballs and noodles but the waiter and McDull keep going round and round in circles as there’s no fishballs or noodles. Heheh ^^

Update 17/01/2013

I made curry fishballs again the other day. This time I used curry paste and tom yum flavoured fishballs, which weren’t spicy enough. So add chilli oil plus a bit of salt!!

1. Tom Yum flavoured fishballs – fry them for one or two minutes then add a cup of water

2. This curry paste is quite popular – use one heaped teaspoon and add to the mixture of fishballs and water 

3. Boil the fishballs for a good 10 minutes and stir occasionally until the sauce has thickened. Add salt and chilli oil

4. Serve in a bowl – Yummy curry fishballs!!! ^^

Note: no messy bowl!! ^^

Check out the Laksa (extra spicy) version: http://asimplegeekylife.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/laksa-curry-fishballs-really-very-spicy.html

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