Bubble Tea in a Chinese Supermarket!

In Taiwan they are famous for their bubble tea which has suddenly become popular in London China Town. When I first tasted it in Hong Kong I think I had either a coffee or a tea version with these big pieces of jelly (tapioca pearls) and a big massive straw which is specially made for these drinks!
Well, as well as some café places in China Town which make them freshly for you, you can also get them in supermarkets!
I found these in Yang Guang Supermarket 阳光超市… Authentic bubble tea!! One vanilla and one that looked like coffee but was actually tea… There were only a few flavours available, but it also seems like they are trialling them out. They cost £2.80 each. A little bit expensive, but it’s worth the try! ^_^

One vanilla and one tea

Heheheh, I’ve just noticed that’s there’s a spelling mistake in their lid above. They’ve put “puality” instead of “quality”. ^.^

Big tapioca pearls!

 I actually almost choked trying to get those pearls up the straw!

Big straws for the pearls!

You can also get tea and coffee versions in cans, but they will have smaller tapioca pearls.

Update 21/07/2012

If you want a really fresh bubble tea, then go to this place Boba Jam on Shaftesbury Avenue. I have tried it before, and it’s great!

Update 09/08/2012

Here’s the can version…

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