Bento with a Hong Kong style sandwich

Tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches for the past few days at lunchtime, I decided to make something a different sandwich for today’s lunch. ^_^ 
As usual I tend to miss Hong Kong’s food once in a blue moon because it is just so good compared to the Chinese restaurants in London. 

Voila, here’s my scrambled egg and “spam” sandwich.

Bento with scrambled egg and ham sandwiches plus oranges on the side- HK style!

Because I didn’t have any spam, I used thin slices of ham to replicate the image. (^_^)v I lightly toasted them on a pan after scrambling the eggs.

Close up of my sandwiches

The sandwiches took me 10 minutes to make which included the prep time plus the peeling of the orange. I didn’t toast the bread since it will get soggy…

Here’s another picture bonus from Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, which is again taken from two years back…

HK style sandwich – spam and fried egg!

Soooo hungry now. Going to eat my lunch right now!

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