Pit Stop at Rotherhithe Festival

Miss Pinky who lives in the Surrey Quays area told me about a festival that was going on in King George’s Field, which is a few metres away from Canada Water station, so we decided to have a look and see what it was about before we started our afternoon shopping and evening theatre show… As we got there, the rain had stopped, the sun was almost peeking out, music was blasting away and there were stalls out… Plus it was free entry! 
At the entrance

The Rotherhithe Festival is in aid of a charity and this year they were supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust…

So Miss Pinky spent quite a bit on raffles, fruit and alcohol (I spent a smaller amount than her… But made up for it later on in the day!).

Here’s some pictures of the festival…
Miss Pinky’s balloon

The stalls that were selling raffle tickets

The HOODOO band – these guys are cool!

The Paul Wood Trio – Wow!! They are so good I felt like I was in a ballroom!!

Bouncy stuff for the kids

This fruit bowl was from the fruit stall – £2 a bowl… It was worth it!! ^_^

Website: http://www.rotherhithefestival.co.uk/index.html
Here’s a video I edited (just to try it out) …  just speeded up a view parts of the song from the band HOODOO…