A Pre-Olympic Moment in Stratford

It’s 6 days until the London Olympics start and so my mother and I decided to go and check out Stratford before it got busy next week. Thankfully it wasn’t a stressful journey AND it didn’t rain…! We got the Jubilee Line from London Bridge. Stopped off at Canary Wharf. Then took the Dockland’s Light Rail (DLR) towards Stratford…

DLR from Canary Wharf – not our train

Window cleaners on top of Canary Wharf DLR Station

2 minutes to go! – Platform 3 is the one to go to the Olympic Park…

Please don’t forget to swipe your Oyster card (if you are using a pay-as-you-go one)… I couldn’t find the machine on the platform so had to go back downstairs and I found it by the staircase! These little machines are VERY HARD to spot…

Don’t forget to swipe your card at the bottom of the stairs!!!!
And then swipe again at the station you get off!!!!

When we were on the DLR, we saw the stadium! And thankfully we took pictures as when we got to the village, it was blocked off by security…

The Olympic Stadium – DLR view

Don’t know what this is… But it looks funny

Back of a building – don’t know which arena this is

At Stratford Station

We had to take another DLR train to Stratford International… I had to swipe my Oyster card again (that’s an extra fee!), so I advise if you are going to Stratford International and you haven’t exited Stratford Station yet, don’t swipe your card just yet!!!! Here’s the Olympic Village entrance at Stratford International which is heavily secured. Only those with a badge hanging around their necks can enter!

Team GB’s Flats in the Olympic Village?

Olympic Village Entrance – No Entry to the public…

So back to Stratford Station we go… We got off and went into the Stratford Centre to get to the bus stop going back to Central London…

Stratford Centre

Stratford Station

Westfield Shopping Centre

Love the painting on the side of the building – even if it is a commercial for Gillette!

But suddenly, (I think my mother and I were very, very lucky) we both got the chance to see the Olympic Torch flame being exhanged!!! :-O It was a moment of awe….! Wow! We really didn’t know that this was going to happen – it was all by chance!!

Police on bikes securing the torch

Truck with the photographers and camera crew towed at the back

Exchange of the Olympic Torch flame!! – Sorry don’t know who 
the torchbearers 68 & 69 are… :-S

The photographers and crowd snapping away!

Finally we got on a bus 25 towards Oxford Circus, and I spotted the ugly mascot in old English style clothing near St Paul’s Cathedral… ^_^

The mascot near St Paul’s Cathedral

If you decide to go to Stratford – plan it well, and maybe get there early! It was a wonderful day today! (^_^)v