The New London Bus with 3 doors

Oh, I didn’t realise the new London buses were in use! I saw two or three of them when walking along Shaftesbury Avenue towards China Town…

They have 3 doors! The front entry door, the middle exit/entry door and the back open entry/exit – this door being like the old bus routermasters ^_^ … It’s a cool design… And I think I spotted a bus conductor (who doesn’t need to check fares or tickets!). It’s almost like the old days!

I must get on one of them one day! ^_^

Here’s some info from trusty old Wiki:

Update 14/09/2012

Blimey! These new routemasters are really expensive! £315,000 each. £180 million to buy 600! Hmmmmmmmmmmm….. Expensive London!

Update 24/07/2013

So as the new bus is getting popular I stepped onto one whilst going to Camden Town… heheh… Here’s an update of what these buses are like…

The top part has air conditioning so you can’t open the windows. The seats are very spacious unlike the old routemasters.

There’s a new button. Pretty and round!

Obviously there’s the back stairs. Unlike the old ones these are spacious, flat, and you won’t fall flat on the floor…

The bottom looks spacious just like the other buses we see in London. There’s even space for prams and trolleys! Can you see the front and middle door? There’s air con in the bottom part too!! Yay!!

Here’s the back entrance…

There’s a bus conductor by the way (on some buses)!! And here’s the bus from the back and front… 😀

Update 16/10/2016

It seems like our complaints about the air circulation on these buses have been heard! This summer, they finally decided to add small windows at the top and bottom of the buses. There’s only a few windows, but at least now there’s some air!

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