The Mascot Moment

1 day to go!!!

I know I have said in a previous post that the Olympic Mascots Mandeville and Wenlock are ugly (and they still are), but I just couldn’t resist taking pictures (using my phone camera) of these ones along the River Thames. I walked along the river between Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge within an hour stopping several times to take pictures. I am a fast walker when I have the energy (but my friend can walk twice as fast than me!). 

One or two of them were cute in their different costumes… but they are still ugly with their one eye. Children surrounded these little monsters before I could take a shot. I guess they are used to seeing them by now since they are all over the place in London ^_^ …


Pirate Wenlock

Wenlock again!


What’s with Wenlock – there are so many Wenlock’s!!

This one is my favourite version of Wenlock!!!!

Argh! Wenlock again!! 😛

And finally here’s another Mandeville!

Well the adults can’t win everything on designs and whatnots! 

Go and see them before the Olympics and Paralympics end!!