Bizarre Oddities from Jacob’s

I think if you have been reading my blog you can tell I like to snack ¬_¬ which I know is bad… I’m a bad geek! Whenever I go food shopping, I am always in the snack aisle to look at the healthy and the bad sections. I’ve tried boring rice cakes and those low calorie stuff but nothing beats a real snack. ^_^ … chocolate, crisps and biscuits… (I really don’t snack that much, but I just like to see what’s new and try it out!).

Here’s something new I found in the snack aisle! 

JACOB’s Oddities! – Smoky bacon and Cheese flavour only

Resealable sticker available on the back of the packet

7 odd shapes available

These are relatively new. There are two flavours cheese and smoking bacon. At the moment, they are selling them in minipacks, multipacks and single bigger sizes.

What’s fun and odd about these are the funny shapes they come in. It’s like seeing the funny shapes of spaghetti hoops that you can get in a tin. Here’s a close up of them!

Duck or Chicken?


Human being

Fetch that bone!

Ring ring – the telephone is going

?? ?? Vase ?? ??


They taste ok. Just like normal savoury biscuits but because the packet I bought is so big or these oddities are so small, I haven’t finished them 😦 … At least they have a resealable sticker!! ^_^ 

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