Drinking Korean Alcohol

Sometimes I hate Korean dramas because they always make me cry! Argh! And when the actors and actresses get depressed they always start drinking! Hah! So of course, what they have I mus try ^_^ So first off I tried was soju.This is the most popular and cheapest alcohol served in Korea. In the UK, they only sell the original flavour it’s around £6 a bottle (a bit expensive for a small bottle). It’s very, very strong, just like taking a vodka shot… but it felt 10 times more lethal! 

The next drink I tried was this blackbean soya drink… It tasted like that blackbean soyabean milk I posted earlier. Can’t remember the price though…

Next one (I have shown a pic of this before when I went to Arirang) is Hite, I’m not sure if this popular in Korea but I love it! A little cheaper than soju and the blackbean drink ^_^.

Last drink I tried is this wine. It cost £5. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is pretty strong stuff.

If you want to try Korean alcohol you can get soju in China Town and Japan Centre. But the best place to get Korean food (although a fairly expensive place) is Centre Point food store which is along St. Giles High Street (opposite ASSA)…

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