Chinese Home Dinners

Ever since I was a baby all I had was Chinese food at home (plus some English food and American fast food whenever I could get it), so you can understand why I can be the envy of some of my friends – although Chinese cooking in my opinion is fairly simple. It’s either steaming, baking, boiling, slow-cooking, frying or stir frying… Are there any more methods? Most likely yes!

Both my parents have both grown up to cook either for their family (mother) or as a profession (father) so I think it’s reasonable to say that I love food, (although I am actually a picky eater ¬_¬
). Texture, food colour and the way it looks on a plate are the key things for me. If I see or taste something that isn’t quite right, I get put off from the dish fairly quickly… Luckily my father has retired from his profession as a Chinese/Cantonese chef, and so I get to eat loads of his food (^_^)v … but unlucky for the restaurants and the takeaways he used to work in, because his cooking is the best! 

Here’s some dishes he made over the weekend…

From lower left hand corner going clockwise: stir fried lettuce, fishballs, chicken and chinese sausage; Prawn Omelette Chinese style; Clear soup with chicken, egg and a chinese leaf; Marinated soy sauce (not light or dark soy sauce) chicken …  YUMMY!!!

After this I was so stuffed! …

Friends of mine (especially a work friend of mine) questions me all the time about Chinese cuisines – they ask me why are there so many dishes served in one meal?! The answer is – I don’t know! One of my friends who is now living in China always explains to her friends that because Chinese people will be given a bowl of plain rice and so there would be different dishes served with the rice. Dishes could include fish, vegetable, red meat – duck, pork, beef etc… and soup.

Well, whoever can explain it better – then be my guest!

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