London Adverts

Adverts in London are forever changing. As well as televised adverts on big screens, they are even advertising in Simplified Chinese on buses! Woah… That’s different! I think it is for the Olympics and for all the Chinese tourists that are coming to London… It says “平凡中国人不平凡的故事” meaning “Ordinary People Extraordinary Story”… It’s also advertised in English… The company 伊利Yili that put up this advert manufacture dairy products, so I guess the advert is for healthy bones and stuff… Check out their website:

Here’s something amusing as well from the Mayor of London / Transport for London… Really…? Must they (the advertising team) really advertise about bikes?.. Will people really ride bikes in this dangerous, non-friendly traffic? A lot of bike riders don’t even wear helmets!… Anyway despite this questionable advertisement, it shows how I really feel at the moment! I have freedom from work! ^_^

There’s been some amusing ones out there, but I haven’t had the chance to take pictures!

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