Down Memory Lane – SW to SE London

Yesterday, I went on a small trip down memory lane going to the South West of London and then onto the South East of London… It was a very smooth journery!

So what’s in the South West? There’s Clapham Junction, Wimbledon, Richmond etc, etc… but no, I didn’t go to any of those places! I went to my old university. Back then my university was called Roehampton University and was part of the University of Guildford, now they have changed their name to University of Roehampton and not part of Guildford anymore… 

Roehampton University now University of Roehampton

The main campus hasn’t changed much, except there’s a new big building (where the campus’ bus stop used to be) around Digby Stuart College. 

Southlands College

Digby Stuart – new building

Froebel College

Froebel College

Student Union

Whitelands College also moved to around the main campus but I was too lazy to find it! It was originally in Southfields (which is close to Wimbledon)…

So moving on, I took a bus 265 to Putney Bridge… I still love Putney! It’s so beautiful!

View from Putney Bridge

Towards Putney High Street

From Putney station I went back to Waterloo on South West Trains, and then took another train from Waterloo East using South Eastern Trains… See how easy it is to travel from the South West to the South East!! ^_^ (Well it can be ok sometimes – just not during peak hours).

I got off at Woolwich Arsenal (a friend of mine used to live there) and took a few snaps…

Woolwich Arsenal 

Woolwich Arsenal

I didn’t expect the whole of Woolwich Common to be taken over by one of the Olympic arenas!

Royal Artillery Barracks

Royal Artillery Barracks

Finally I got a bus and then a train to Greenwich…

Greenwich Market


I wanted to go into the park, but it felt like it was barricaded by security (it’s not normally like that!), so I chickened out and went back home…

Entrance into Greenwich Park

…and bought this cheesecake from Tesco… ^_^

Rasberry Cheesecake – YUMMY!

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