Musical Theatre Rush

😀 Whilst having a week off from work, I went through a small theatre rush! I love watching musicals… It’s like escaping into a different world…

The first musical I watched this week was Wicked. I’ve already watched it before, but my first experience at the Apollo Theatre was a nightmare (and that was 2 years ago). This time I booked stall tickets using Ticketmaster, and this time it was a better experience, although I couldn’t see the entire stage… Favourite songs are Popular and Defying Gravity 🙂

Wicked at the Apollo Theatre – There are 2 entrances!

Inside the Apollo Theatre

Next show was Blood Brothers… I have been dying to watch this musical for years!!! And thanks to Groupon, I got a stall ticket for half price, but my seat was at the very front row… So it was hard to take a picture of the stage, but it was a very good view of all the actors and actresses… It is a very funny but tragic ending musical – I really loved it! It reminded me of watching Billy Elliot and Les Misérables… By the way, they are ending their 24 years of the show in October!! Oh no!!

Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre

And finally my theatre rush ended today with the 5pm showing of Chicago – I was also dying to watch this musical for years (I did try to purchase tickets years ago when they were showing this at The Strand)… And thankfully I purchased a Groupon voucher just in time as it was said on the news (the day after I bought it) that the show was ending! Argh! Shocking! … So if there is anyone dying to watch Chicago in London, hurry up and purchase your tickets because it ends on September 1st 2012 T_T…

Chicago at the Garrick Theatre

Poster outside the Garrick Theatre

It’s ending soon!!

Although I had a stall ticket, I was very unfortunate to have a tall person sitting in front, so it was hard to see the entire stage! 😦 But thoroughly enjoyed all the music and dancing!

Inside the Garrick Theatre

Don’t forget there are loads of other musicals out there in the West End!! But it’s a shame that some of these are ending… Let’s save the musicals by going to see them!!

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