Wagamama – a VERY late birthday dinner

A-ha! My friend Mr Bear promised to go to Wagamama’s with me for months for my birthday (which was in March). And finally (since it’s nearing his birthday I believe) we finally got to go today. Mr Smiles even came along! ^^ I have been craving to go for months, but no-one to go with… Don’t particularly like to sit by myself in restaurants (but I did so one time – and enjoyed it) that’s why I often buy takeaways…

There are many branches of Wagamama in London and around the UK (and I believe blogged about many times – but who cares!), so you’re never going to miss out if you want to try out this Japanese food chain. The food is quickly cooked and is always made from when it is ordered… They are super quick! You can find their history on Wiki here.

We ended up going to the one in Victoria, which is located outside the station, into Cardinal Walk and it’s above Marks and Spencer… It’s the only restaurant above ground level and has a beautiful scenic area. ^^ (Unfortunately my pictures of the restaurant itself are blurred ~~~)…

Victoria – Cardinal Walk 
Wagamama Menu Cover – see website for full menu!
What’s with me picturing condiments all the time??!! – Don’t answer…
Chopsticks and Tissue ^^

Drinks first! I had the plum wine with sparkling water and ice, Mr Bear had Kirin Ichiban beer and Mr Smiles had Asahi Super Dry beer (which I didn’t take a pic of)…
My plum wine – I L-O-V-E it!
Kirin Ichiban beer
I ordered two starters (because I was extremely hungry and only had a pasta-soup for lunch!), ebi gyoza (prawn and veggie dumplings) and ebi katsu (fried prawns in panko).
ebi gyoza
ebi katsu
Mr Bear and Mr Smiles both had the gyoza (they love the sauce!).
And for the mains! I had the miso ramen (it really tasted nice) – Mr Bear and Mr Smiles drank the remaining soup! Wow!
Miso Ramen ^^
Mr Bear had the chicken ramen (he got annoyed because they used a different soup base – almost like a thai spicy coconut soup, and not what he was usually used to).
Chicken Ramen
And Mr Smiles had the chicken katsu curry (he was craving for it!) – Good for him! ^^
Chicken Katsu Curry ^_^
In the end, we were all stuffed, but still somehow had a tiny space for dessert. We ordered the sweet ginger and apple gyoza (just like a mini version of apple pies!) served with a vanilla custard sauce… Yummy!!!
Sweet Ginger and Apple gyoza – a fancy apple pie! 😛
Inside the  Sweet Ginger and Apple gyoza
So as always:

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (lost 0.5 marks just because Mr Bear complained about his ramen’s soup base, otherwise A-ok!).

Good points:

– Able to sit outside (not crowded when we were there)

– Quick, efficient and friendly service
– Food was hot
– I love the plum wine!! (Must order it again or make my own).

Bad points:

– I didn’t really have any… although I should say, you should only have one starter if you’re not sharing. Fried food is always filling!

Website: wagamama.com

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