Burgess Park 2012

After a long hiatus from the public (about 8-9 months I believe), Burgess Park which is situated in Camberwell, London has now reopened!

I pass it nearly every weekday, and have anticipated its opening for a while (from the Camberwell Road end). I only got today to get a chance to have a look of what the new version had to offer… I have only known Burgess Park to have been renovated twice! From what I remember of it, there used to be underpasses (one still exists) that would lead you into a big field. After the first renovation, a tennis court was added and lots of pathways were made… and now… It’s almost the same… Just a few hills added, lots of flowers, a bigger lake for fishing… And the entrance from Camberwell Road has changed dramatically… But why did it take so long?

The new renovated entrance of Burgess Park – Camberwell end

Not really sure what this is for…

I took quite a few pictures on both my Panasonic camera and my phone. So some phone pictures got transformed and went onto Instagram ¬_¬ (addict!!). And here’s some of the unaltered pictures…
Some new shrubs, flowers and trees

Black-eyed Susan flowers?

Renovated hill top

An old underpass

Not sure what these are called…

Burgess Park pathway

Logs on the side

Exercise machine for the keep fit people! There’s loads more!!

Council Estate… Plus The Shard in the background ^^

This bridge has been in Burgess Park for many, many years!

Sun starting to set

The Lake

I didn’t know you can have a barbeque in the park!!

People fishing… There were loads of people fishing along the new fish lake!!

A pond

Duck Island

Dramatic scene – with the sun almost setting

A stone in the park…

Another path in the park

I walked across the lake! Is this bridge old or new?

Choo choo train for the kids ^^

Another flower near the tennis courts

It’s great to go when the sun has almost set and it’s away from traffic noise too… Definitely a great place to go during the summer!! ^_^

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