The Cherry Tree – London East Dulwich

Today my friend and work colleague Mrs Hen invited me to her colleague’s leaving do, (Mrs Hen and I used to work in the same department until I left… it is a very depressing department with a very high turnover, but the gossip was great!). And with all leaving do’s they always end up in a pub. The pub we went to is called The Cherry Tree, it’s a few bus stops away from the workplace. Apparently it used to be called The Vale; It just got refurnished during the summer (this is according to one of my friends, who is probably I believe a regular…) and is now owned by an Irish family.

The Cherry Tree Pub

Well it seems that old English pubs are losing style and have to meet the modern society. This place is very chic and it seems like a popular place for the locals, it was not overly crowded tonight (probably because it was raining)…

Inside The Cherry Tree

The Kitchen – even the kitchen staff were friendly!!

I was very impressed by the food in particular. The food we had were like party food starters, but it was also like having tapas… and it was all very filling in the end! It cost around £19 for 4 starters. 

I loved the chunky chips with the béarnaise sauce and the mini sausages were just great – not sure what the sauce for that was… 

I looked at other people’s dinners tonight, and it looked very big and tasty! A person I saw seemed to be having trouble finishing her food heheheh…!

The handcut chunky chips with béarnaise sauce – AWESOME!

Bubble and Squeak! ^^

Chorizo – I thought this was so-so

Mini Sausages – these are VERY VERY yummy!!!!!! – I recommend!!

I ended up back at the bar after all this food and took a picture of the lights which I thought were so pretty and very different for a modernized pub!

Crystal-like Chandliers

I also ended up with a Sagres Shandy after having had a G&T ^^

And I also couldn’t help but take a picture of the lamp I was sitting next to!!

I definitely recommend this pub for the locals and for anyone visiting the area… It’s just opposite East Dulwich Station and about 30 seconds away from the bus stop!

My geeky rating: 5/5 (the food was my weakness… so it gets full marks)

Good Points:
– Great food
– Lovely and friendly service
– Modern and very chic pub
– Not overly crowded
– Lots of seating areas

Bad Points:
– Menu was on a clipboard with several different sized sheets of paper… Very modern! This is not a particularly bad point but I think I prefer book menus – easy to clean or maybe a one sheet menu… just a suggestion.

Address: 31-33 Grove Vale, East Dulwich, SE22 8EQ
Telephone: 0208 693 9285

Website: – menu is not updated on here

2 thoughts on “The Cherry Tree – London East Dulwich

  1. Anonymous

    Myself , and family had a meal there 3 months ago , it was lovely, We went in 2 weeks ago , and the place was dead , dirty , but we did have a meal , It was at best ,a passible meal , when I went to speck to the chef , an old angry grey haired man , (must be the owner ?) came over and abused me !!!Now I no why the place was empty , Il Never go back again !!!!!!!


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